Eloping gives you and your love the opportunity to focus on exactly what you want the day to look like. Without the weight or expectations of others opinions! The possibilities are endless leaving plenty of room to make your love and simply being with each other the top priority for the day! Plus it gives us more time to take photos yay!

Elopements give you the chance to ask yourself what you really value, and the creative space to incorporate those things into you day in a unique way that aligns with your love, and the life you are hoping to create together.

Why I photograph elopements

I started with traditional weddings and I hated seeing how much stress it caused my clients. I hated seeing their ideas shot down, and the expectations of everyone around them take over. I expected to capture love but instead I saw a lot of forced smiles and stressful exhausting days for my couples.

I’m inherently non traditional at heart! Elopements just make sense. Traditional weddings simply don’t align with my values or the way I see the world but the adventure and love and focus of elopements do.