Pike Place Gum Wall

For along time I've imagined a fun bubbly (pun intended) photo shoot at the Gum Wall. The Seattle Gum Wall is located near Pike Place market in it's Post Alley. I have been here many times and while the location is absolutely disgusting due to it's chewed nature it is also fun and bright and colorful.

It's been years since I had this thought but I am finally doing the sessions I want in my free time and making it happen. I love my clients but I also want to create my own content to share with them in between sessions. I think my biggest hang up with actually following through on my gum wall shoot was that I used to commute to Seattle everyday for a full time job. This made me despise being in Seattle. I was constantly trying to avoid the city by any means necessary. Now, I live in a small town I work for myself and only have to commute for things I want to do! Such freedom has been amazing for my creativity.

I started looking for a model. I made a post reaching out on my local photographer/model Facebook group. A lot of great models replied but they just didn't fit the style I was looking for with this particular session. I ended up personally reaching out to a model and simply telling her we were in a mutual group I loved her look and asked if she would be interested in working with me. Luckily she was interested and I was looking forward to our session. Unfortunately due to scheduling things fell through. I wasn't going to let this stop me. The session was on my mind and a friend that I had met on a film set years ago popped up in my feed. Her outfit and look was exactly what I was looking for! I messaged her and hallelujah she was in! I got very lucky because it was very last minute!

The photos turned out exactly as I had hoped and we had a blast. It just happened to be a plus that I was able to catch up with an old friend at the same time.

Advice time! Don't let small set backs discourage you just keep a positive attitude and make things happen!

As I was cleaning up my gear and saying my goodbyes a couple wearing Seattle hoodies (clearly tourists) walked by and we started up a conversation. After chit chatting a bit they started to get framed up for a selfie. I offered to take the photo on their phone for them. Their pose was so cute I was immediately inspired and asked if I could take one with my camera to share on my website and social media. They said "of course"! After snapping the first photo I showed them my camera and they could not believe the difference between the phone and my camera. I told them "this isn't even edited yet"! They were such a fun couple we decided to do an individual portrait for each of them.

I ended up FINALLY following through on my gum wall session and ended up squeezing two sessions into one! Plus I got to have lunch at my favorite place to eat in Pikes Place Pirosky Pirosky!

Have you ever visited Pike Place and Post Alley in Seattle Washington? What's your favorite Seattle attraction? Share your comments with me below.

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