My First Session Back 2020

Obviously 2020 has been a rough year! Not being able to work with clients has been awful! Any one else feel like 2020 is trying to cut them off at the knee? hahaha sorry but with this image I had to! If you stick with me you'll soon learn I'm easily amused.

I spent the extra time at home trying to update my processes and website for my clients, and shooting nature for myself when possible. But I missed people! I missed working with people. I am finally back to photographing sessions. Safely of course and inline with all regulations. My first session back in 2020 took me way back to my first ever wedding clients now one of my good friends and favorite clients. Shout out to Emma and Chris for sticking with me all these years. I absolutely love capturing your big life moments.

So let's talk about these clients a little more because if it wasn't for my clients trusting me to do my job well then I wouldn't get to do what I love for a living. I met Emma when I was still in film school and working as a barista at a coffee stand. She worked the shift before or after mine depending on the day. At our shift change we had to run reports that took our registers down for some time. It was always very stressful. Emma and I stuck together and made sure every customer left happy. Soon we became friends and we'd have little breakfast dates. We'd chit chat about school, work, and relationships. Surprise! Emma had gotten engaged and oh my goodness she had asked me to be her wedding photographer! I had already started my photography business at this point. While I had done numerous photography sessions I had never done a wedding.

From my first wedding! Emma & Chris Cleary.

It was such an honor to be asked and trusted to capture one of the most important moments in someones life! I still think about this every single time someone hires me to capture moments of them making memories. I hope all photographers realize how much trust goes into someone hiring them. Also hello pressure! For my first wedding I couldn't have asked for better clients Emma,Chris and their families were wonderful to work with! I had so much fun, learned a lot, and loved being a part of their big day.

Well as the years have gone on our personal friendship has grown but so has our professional. They hire me for all of their big life moments. These are the types of relationships in my business I want to nurture. I want to be with clients for years to come and have them trust me and value what I bring to the table. I also want to produce the best images possible for my clients and I want them to smile every time they look at their photographs. Lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect are so important in every aspect of one's life whether it be personal or professional. I am so grateful for the opportunity my clients give me each and ever day. So when Emma called and mentioned she needed family photos done I was excited but I became even more ecstatic to learn we were going back to her parents property where her and Chris got married.

The two images below are from Chris and Emma's Wedding. My first Wedding I ever shot! and the following is behind the same gate just this month in 2020 for their extended family session.

I love how much is going on in this image! The umbrellas (it was POURING rain), the smiles, the silly faces, everyone is so in the moment and interacting with each other! Plus the not so subtle middle fingers going on in on the left just crack me up! This family is always making jokes and having fun!

Emma's parents have decided to sell the property and relocate so Emma and her siblings wanted to gift their parents with a family session to capture the property with all of them together one last time. EEEK what a huge honor again! I was so excited to be a part of this day because it not only meant so much to the family but this place meant a lot for me as well. I mean my first wedding, that's an experience I'll never forget and I'll always cherish the opportunity that was given to me.

I live for the people who are up for anything. Those that will laugh as hard as everyone is here from our recent family session. Those that will hold their inner child close to their heart and aren't afraid to let them out more often than not. Let's always find a reason to smile. Let's always find a reason to laugh. Let's always find a reason to play! Gosh darn it go down the slide if you want to go down the slide! Who says you're to old? Not me! I say have a little fun! After all when's the last time you smiled this big or laughed this hard?

Family is about sticking together through all the changes life brings. They may be leaving an amazing property where they’ve made wonderful memories together but I know they’ll make just as great memories at the new place because home is where the heart is! Secondly because they hired me of course to capture some of these memories to be printed out and forever cherished and looked back on. Move forward with positivity and excitement. When you look back smile and appreciate the good times you’ve had, but remember it’s only the good times you’ve had SO FAR!

Tell me! What's your favorite memory of you and your family together? Photographers what's your favorite part about being trusted to photograph peoples most precious moments?

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