Is that a Knight or an Opportunity?

Through out my life and especially in my career I have learned you have to say yes to opportunities that come your way. I have also learned that sometimes you have to create those opportunities for your self. As a photographer I have been taught not to care what other people think of me. Yes I am laying on the ground. Yes I look like I peed my pants because I was laying in the snow for to long. Yes my make up is running from squinting while looking down my viewfinder. I may be looking like a hot mess and people may be wondering what I am doing but once others see my photos they get just a small bit of why I do all the crazy things I do.

For me its my passion. I love being behind the lens of my camera. I love interacting with people. Meeting and learning about others. I enjoy all the different places I get to explore and travel to. I have the amazing privilege of being able to show others a piece of the world through my eyes and that is something that is truly magical.

The smallest things inspire me. I try to find the beauty in everything I set my eyes on. It may be a tree in my backyard, it may be a wave hitting the shore, it may be a flower that has lost it's petals, it may be a rock I found in the dirt, or it may be a knight in shinning armor!

Wait....A...WHAT! That's correct you read right. A knight!

So remember how I mentioned taking advantage of opportunities as well as making your own opportunities? Well the other day I was on my way to a photo shoot for one of my clients. I was slowly driving down Washington street in Sequim. It was getting pretty late in the evening on a sunny day. So there was a wee bit of traffic. I looked to my right and did a double take! There was a man in a knight suit walking down the street! I passed him and thought "wow so cool. that would make a fantastic photo"! Then I thought "Oh well I'm already passed him". As soon as that thought entered my mind it was immediately replaced with another. I said to my self "what am I thinking when will I get another opportunity to photograph a knight walking down the street in Sequim? Plus it's not every day you see a knight and have your camera ". I turned around as fast as I could. I am embarrassed to say but in my hast I entered a nearby parking lot going the wrong direction! I got my self collected, parked the car, grabbed my things and ran towards the gentleman who was dressed as a knight. He was walking pretty fast so I had to rush to catch up. I stopped him and asked if it would be all right to take his photo. He kindly obliged.

I was in a rush to get to my photo shoot so we didn't get to talk much but we briefly discussed maybe setting up a more official photo shoot in the future. Now I'm brainstorming ideas and locations for down the road! Like I said taking and making opportunities. I mean we absolutely were getting honked at as he posed and I snapped images but neither of us minded and now I have some rad images and a cool story to share with others. The best part of this whole experience is that I live in such a small town that as soon as I got back in my car after taking this gentleman's picture my sister called and said "You aren't gonna believe this but did you see that guy walking down the street dressed as a knight?" I said "YES! I just took his picture." I was cracking up when my sister said "Oh no way I knew you'd appreciate that"!

When is a time that something so random has turned into a positive opportunity for you? Share your experience in the comments below. Scroll to the bottom to subscribe and stay up to date on all my blog posts.

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